A new masterclass or advanced supervision group in ISTDP sets off in spring, 2020. With the location of Rome, Italy, you now have a great chance to get advanced ISTDP-supervision while at the same time exploring the beautiful Italian capital. We are Monica Urru from Italy and Tobias Nordqvist from Sweden. In our learning and developing as practitioners of ISTDP, we have – just as you – studied and followed some of the most talented and skilful therapists in the field. But during our years as teachers and supervisors we have learned, that to master ISTDP, you need to find your own voice as a therapist – to find yourself in your practice. Our experience is that patients let go of their barriers not to a therapist with a technique, but to you as a person. We work together as a supervisory couple, to make sure you don’t get stuck in one way of intervening or in a locked view of the process. Helping you find your own emotional truth and power to meet your patients’ resistance with strength and acceptance – to help you find your own voice in ISTDP.

Monica Urru, MD, is President of the Italian Experiential Therapy Association and a psychiatrist in private practice in Rome. She is specialized in the treatment of psychotraumata and related somatizations in adults, integrating ISTDP with different approaches (EMDR, sensorimotor psychotherapy, CRM neurofeedback). She offers supervision and core training in ISTDP.

Tobias Nordqvist, lic. Psychologist, works in a private practice in Stockholm. He teaches at different universities in Sweden and are cooperating with Laboratorium Psychoedukacji in Warzaw, teaching and supervising. He offers psychotherapy, supervision and core training in ISTDP.

When: First meeting is May 29-31, 2020 and second meeting is October 2-4, 2020.
Where: Downtown Rome, precise venue will be given at subscription
Cost: 800 Euro for three days
Necessary qualifications and requirements: You have completed a three-year core training. You should bring a videotaped session for supervision. Be yourself!
Application: Send an e-mail to: monica.urru@gmail.com or tobias.nordqvist@gmail.com

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