What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy (from stgr. Ψυχή psyche = soul and therapein = heal) is a set of techniques that treat or help heal various ailments and psychological problems. The common feature of all these techniques is interpersonal contact, as opposed to purely medical treatment.

The term psychotherapy (al-ilaj nal-nafs) was introduced into medical vocabulary by Ali al-Tabari (838-870) who appreciated the role of mental support for the sick, which he expressed in the first Arabic medical encyclopedia entitled Paradise of Wisdom. (from Wikipedia)

Modern psychotherapy was originally developed as an integral part of psychoanalysis, but has now been adapted and developed by other branches of psychology. Each current of psychotherapy is characterized by a different theoretical approach by which it describes and explains human functioning, as well as the tools and techniques that it uses during treatment.

In contact with the patient / client, the psychotherapist uses his knowledge and skills to support the mental change that the patient / client wants and needs. The achieved mental change may be the treatment of specific disorders or internal, emotional problems, as well as broadly understood personal development, deeper knowledge and understanding of oneself, and increasing emotional competences.

For years, they have been focusing on the development and education of psychotherapists, we conduct online training in psychotherapy and a platform with training videos in psychotherapy .

When to use?

It is worth using psychotherapy whenever we feel that the life difficulties we experience overwhelm us and we are unable to cope with them on our own. Our own ways of solving them cease to be effective or even become a source of problems and our suffering. It is also worth taking advantage of psychotherapy when we want to better understand ourselves, develop our emotional intelligence and thus increase the ability to build satisfying relationships with others.

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