Training topics:

The evolution of the concept of Transference resistance, the meaning of the concept and clinical implications of the concept.


Description of training:

We will discuss:

  1. Theory about the concept of Transference resistance
  2. Different forms of transference resistance
  3. Different techniques in working with TR
  4. Countertransference in Therapist


Thematic scope:

  1. Theoretical lecture about the concept
  2. Practical examples in form of transcripts and/or roleplays,
  3. Discussion, questions and answers


Thanks to training:

You will receive: a broadening and deepening understanding of the concept of transference resistance

You will understand: different and complex ways of how to listen to and work with the transference resistance

You will increase: your knowledge about when and how it is adequate to use the transference relationship as an arena for exploration


Tobias Nordqvist