Training topics:

The concept of trauma is widely used in clinical and everyday language, but when the concept gets to wide it can loose a clear meaning. Based on modern attachment theory and understanding of the psychological development of humans, we aim for the root of trauma.


Description of training:

We will discuss:

  1. Theory about the concept of Trauma
  2. What is complex trauma?
  3. Symptoms of trauma
  4. The concept of Basic Trust
  5. Trauma in the therapist


Thematic scope:

  1. theoretical lecture,
  2. practical examples in form of transcripts and/or roleplays,
  3. Discussion, questions and answers


Thanks to training:

You will receive: a broadening and deepening understanding of the concept of trauma and how it affecting the therapeutic relationship

You will understand: ways of how to understand when trauma is denied or exaggerated

You will increase: your skills when it come to be more flexible in your work with attachment trauma


Tobias Nordqvist