Online - ZOOM platform

Training topics:
The character as armour in the body, embodiment of the first attachment, how recognize and work with the difensive system, how to recognize and work with the pillar defense, anxiety and restructuring the healthy ego.

Description of training:

We will discuss all the topics above:

  • How to read the body signals to understand the patient conflict;
  • Definition and understanding of the concept of character;
  • Character defenses as system of defense preventing anxiety regulation:


Thematic goal:

We well discuss the basics diagnostics tools to evaluate level of anxiety and pattern of defenses in our patients in order to:

1) recognize and assess the clinical manifestation of anxiety

2) recognize and assess defenses causing the patient’s presenting problem

3) using the basic diagnostic procedure and response to intervention to mantain an effective focus

4) observing the moment to moment response to our interventions


Thanks to training:

  • Learning how to work with the character defense as a system of defenses;
  • Learning how to build self competence and self awareness within the patient.
  • Learning how to build a better functioning brain – body system.


You will increase : your capacity to deal with common mystakes in dealing with defense as a complex entangled system.

You will receive : basic skills, practical tools.

You will understand – a clear picture of workflow with character mask, defensive system as access to true self.