Training topics:

The balance and between and acceptance of freedom and dependence in our lives, is the foundation of a rich and emotionally healthy life. This lecture highlights the need to always keep these concepts as lighthouse in the fog.


Description of training:

We will discuss:

  1. Why this is the basis of all relationships
  2. When freedom is idealized or devalued
  3. When dependence is idealized or devalued
  4. How to find the therapeutical balance


Thematic scope:

  1. theoretical lecture,
  2. practical examples in form of transcripts and/or roleplays,
  3. Discussion, questions and answers


Thanks to training:

You will receive: a new understanding of how to base your life and work on find the balance between freedom and dependence

You will understand: the importance of understanding your own needs when you are helping others with their needs

You will increase: your ability to reflect and understand how your own choices now and before affects your work as psychotherapists


Tobias Nordqvist