Training topics:

The defense of denial is the foundation to all other defenses in us humans. If we understand denial in ourselves and our patients we have the best chance to succeed as therapists.


Description of training:

We will discuss:

  1. Theory of defense systems
  2. Different forms of Denial
  3. When therapeutic neutrality is needed and when not
  4. Denial in the therapist


Thematic scope:

  1. theoretical lecture,
  2. practical examples in form of transcripts and/or roleplays,
  3. Discussion, questions and answers


Thanks to training:

You will receive: a more deep understanding of how denial affects us in every aspects of our lives, and specifically in therapy

You will understand: why you need to pay attention to the specific form of denial with every patient

You will increase: your skills in working with the general and specific patterns of denial


Tobias Nordqvist