The Origin of Polish Institute of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy SENTIO

The Origin of Polish Institute of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy SENTIO


It was founded in June 2016 by Renata Gehrke and Agnieszka Kamińska. These passionate psychologists have been cooperating for 20 years and the foundation of their friendship and collaboration is their mutual passion and values. During these years they searched for effective methods and gained psychotherapeutic knowledge and experience from different scholars and specialists.

After the presentation of ISTDP method led by Jon Frederickson in 2013 in Warsaw, they were determined to  specialize in that field. They also had an opportunity to participate in advanced editions of Core Trainings in Poland organized by Laboratorium Psychoedukacji in Warsaw and IEDTA
(The International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Assosiation). The three-year  training gave them  full qualification for using ISTDP in clinical practice. Being inspired by the most noble representatives of ISTDP – Josette ten have de Labije, Jon Frederickson, Robert Neborsky, Kees Cornelissen and Tobias Nordqvist —  they realized how important the development and popularization of ISTDP in Poland is. They are convinced ISTDP is a powerful and effective method of changing life and teaching how to love and being loved.

Renata Gehrke and Agnieszka Kaminska initiated the creation of website which brings together ISTDP psychotherapists. The interviews with great representatives of ISTDP, articles, information about events and more  inspiration can be found on their blog ( The needs turned out to be even more important thus Polish Institute of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy SENTIO was created.  In order to make it more fruitful all the ISTDP psychotherapists are invited to cooperation.

The Idea of the Institute

Popularizing the innovative method of psychotherapy in Poland

Creating opportunities for ISTDP psychotherapists to raise their competences

Creating opportunities to know the ISTDP psychotherapy and its usefulness for therapists of different fields

Inspiring to personal and professional growth

The sphere of competence

Promoting either the ISTDP initiatives and events or ISTDP psychotherapists

Promoting ISTDP psychotherapists

Organizing trainings and scientific conferences

Publishing expert articles about ISTDP psychotherapy

Informing about new publications

Integrating and supporting ISTDP psychotherapists in their development


bg-do-wspolpracyPWe believe in having informed practitioners striving to provide the highest quality ISTDP methods available so various organisations, associations and specialists are welcomed to cooperation. The cooperation is:

joining our Internet forum that brings together ISTDP clinicians (

writing and publishing on our Institute site articles about ISTDP approach

organizing trainings, conferences and other initiatives integrating Polish ISTDP clinicians

informing about a programme of events presented by national and international ISTDP psychotherapists

sharing experiences by publishing reports on ISTDP trainings

If you are interested in working together towards a shared aim, then please contact us at the e-mail address