What is ISTDP?

What is ISTDP?

ISTDP – Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy  is the approach based on psychoanalytical assumptions and on attachment theory by John Bowbly, created by Habib Davanloo in the1960’s.  It is currenly being developed by his successors in the USA and Europe (including Josette de Labije, Robert Neborsky, Kees Cornelissen, Jon Frederickson, Patricia Coughllin della Selva, Allan  Abbass). ISTDP is built on psychological, psychotherapeutic, medical and  neuroscientific  achievements.  ISTDP effectiveness is proved by numerous researches.

This innovative method of psychotherapy is becoming more and more popular in Poland mainly thanks to certified  psychotherapists who accomplished ISTDP specialist training course enabling them to use ISTDP method while working with their patients.




because patient’s attention is  immediately focused on the problem in order to cause strong emotions


because significant effects and changes can be reached in the relatively short period of time


because deals with unconscious mental conflicts inside us which is the reason for  disorders.

ISTDP effectiveness is proved by numerous clinical researches: http://www.istdp.org.uk/research/