What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a compilation of therapeutic methods and  those ones assisting the process of treating different afflictions and psychological problems.  In contrast to typical medical treatment, the mutual feature of all these methods is interpersonal contact.

The term psychotherapy was introduced to medical terminology by Ali-al-Tabari (833-870). He was the first that gave credits to the role of psychological support to diseased person and he mentioned about  this fact in  Arabian medical encyclopedia entitled: “

Modern psychotherapy came into existence as an integral part of psychoanalysis, yet in our age was adopted and developed by different fields of psychology. Each field of psychotherapy is characterized by different theoretical  approach,  thus describes and explains human existence.  Furthermore, it uses different tools and techniques in the process of treatment.

Psychotherapist  in contact with patient uses  its knowledge and skills in order to support his/her mental change which is also desired and realized by the patient.  The desired mental change can be either the treatment of  particular emotional problems or broadly defined personal growth, cognition and increase of emotional competences .